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When you choose Wrinkly Bulldogs, you are benefiting from more than 20 years of experience in the art of breeding and selecting quality English bulldogs.

During these years, our team alongside the hands of veterinary experts have managed to acquire deep knowledge about the breed which we do not hesitate to transmit to our clients both in the purchase process and in the after-sales service that we provide for the rest of the life always guiding you in the right direction for the health and benefit of your dog. We test all our parents to ensure puppies of excellent quality but without neglecting health and temperament which are just as important.

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For more information on our Wrinkly English Bulldog Puppies or French Bulldog Puppies and making them part of your family, visit us at Or call (786) 886-8836 you can also visit us on FaceBook: : & IG

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